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              YDP series

              YDP series Single punch tablet press



              Developed through the absorption of the international advanced technologies, this machine can press round or irregular tablets from various granular materials. It Is applicable to trial manufacture or small scale production in lab, hospital and Science research institutes etc.



              - Glossy finished stainless steel belt cover, as clean as a whistle, no pollution, meets the GMP standard.
              - Only a pair of punch and die can be erected on this machine, both filling depth Of materials and thickness of tablet are adjustable.
              - Press both round and irregular tablets.
              - Power supply: AC, 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ 1 phase or customization.
              - Free with a pair of punch and die.
              - High precision of filling, lower consumption of materials, the minimum consumption of lab materials is just 200 g.
              - Small volume, light weight, works smoothly and low noise.


              Technical Parameters




              Max. pressure

              40 KN

              50 KN

              Max. diameter of tablet

              12 mm

              25 mm

              Max. depth of fill

              15 mm

              20 mm

              Max. thickness of tablet

              6 mm

                      8 mm

              Production capacity

              3600 tablets/hour


              1.1 KW, 1400 r/min

              1.5 KW, 1400 r/min

              Power supply

              AC, 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ 1 phase

              Net weight

              120 kg

                    165 kg

              Overall size

              450x550x750 mm

              580x500x830 mm


              1. Main supplier of components:
              The motor is WEITELI China
              The stainless steel is SUS 304 from BAOSREEL Shanghai, China.
              The others are carbon steel.

              2. Delivery time:
              Round dies   ------ 7 days after receiving the payment.
              Irregular dies ----- 10 days after receiving the payment.

              3. Payment methods:
              T/T or Western Union payment, and full payment before shipping.

              4. Guarantee:
              One year quality guarantees and free with spare parts for one year.

              5. After sales service:
              The English user manual
              Circuit diagram