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    ZPW-15B Rotary tablet press



    This machine is used to press the granular raw material into the round tablets or various geometric shaped tablets, it is especially caters for small scale production. When pressing the tablets, the rotary disc speed and filling depth of material can be adjustable.
    In addition, it is equipped with the force-feeder and overload protection devices. So This machine is also suitable for viscous materials.


    Scope of application

    - Pharmaceutical: Chinese tablets, Western medicine, plain films, chewable tablet, calcium tablet, buccal tablet, propolis tablet (bee propolis tablet), spiraling tablet, effervescent tablet-pioneer, camphor ball etc.
    - Foodstuff: candy pieces, flake coffee, chicken essence chunk, seasoning chunk, glucose tablet, milk powder candy etc.
    - Agriculture: wafer feed, fertilizer chunk, animal food etc.
    - Chemical: bleaching powder, ceramic powder, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, antiseptic, powdered carbon-molecular sieve etc.
    - Electronic: carbon brush, button cell, electronic component etc.



    - The material of the cover and internal table are made of stainless steel. The surface of turntable is specially disposed to keep the surface luster and prevent it from being polluted, meeting the GMP requirement.
    - Equipped a force-feeder on this machine.
    - The lay-out of all the controllers and the operate parts is reasonable.
    - All the drive devices are located inside the machine so keep the machine clean.
    - Overload protection unit is included in the system to avid the damage of the punches and apparatus, When overload occurs, the machine will stop working automatically.
    - This machine also has electromagnetic brake motor and other safety protection device which can be adjusted and operated when running.


    Technical Parameters

    Punch and die

    15 sets

    production capacity

    9000 tablets/hour

    maximum working pressure

    150 KN

    Maximum diameter of tablet

    55 mm

    Maximum thickness of tablet

    17 mm

    Maximum filling depth

    35 mm

    speed of rotary table

    10 r/min

    Motor Power

    4 KW

    Power supply

    AC,380V/50HZ 3 phase

    Net weight

    1500 kg

    Overall size

    920(L)x890(W)x1540(H) mm