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              ZPW-680 Automatic high-speed rotary tablet press



              This machine is a double-press type; it continually and automatically tablet press granular raw materials into round tablet, irregular tablet, carved tablet and two layer (color) tablets etc. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industry and so on.
              When making two layer (color) tablets, it only need replace components and add Powder absorbing apparatus which greatly lowers the cost and raise profit.


              Scope of application

              - Pharmaceutical: Chinese tablets, Western medicine, plain films, chewable tablet, calcium tablet, buccal tablet, propolis tablet (bee propolis tablet), spiraling tablet, effervescent tablet-pioneer, camphor ball etc.
              - Foodstuff: candy pieces, flake coffee, chicken essence chunk, seasoning chunk, glucose tablet, milk powder candy etc.
              - Agriculture: wafer feed, fertilizer chunk, animal food etc.
              - Chemical: bleaching powder, ceramic powder, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, antiseptic, powdered carbon etc.
              - Electronic: carbon brush, button cell, electronic component etc.



              - The outside part of the machine is full-enclosed. The material of the cover and internal table are made of stainless steel. The surface of turntable is specially disposed to keep the surface luster and prevent it from being polluted, meeting the GMP requirement.
              - It has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and windows can be opened for cleaning and maintenance.
              - All monitors and operating components are in good order.
              - Applying with frequency changing, speed regulating apparatus to do electricity regulation. The convenient operation and smooth revolving are safe and correct.
              - All the drive devices are located inside the machine so keep the machine clean.
              - Overload protection unit is included in the system to avid the damage of the punches and apparatus, When overload occurs, the machine will stop working automatically.
              - The first of its kind to use semiautomatic lubricating equipment and plexiglass anti-dust cover on the upper of revolving table.
              - Transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the main machine which is a separate component. No pollution and easy to send out heat and resist grinding.
              - Powder absorbing device could absorb the powder in the tablet-pressing room.


              Technical Parameters

              Punch and die

              72 sets

              73 sets

              Maximum capacity

              306600 tablets/h

              459900 tablets/h

              Maximum pressure

                                    100 KN

              Maximum diameter of tablets

                                    10 mm

              Maximum thickness of tablets

                                    6 mm

              Maximum depth of filling

                                    15 mm

              Turret speed

                                    35 r/min


                                     7.5 KW

              Power supply

                      AC, 380V/50HZ 3 phase or customization

              Net weight

                                    3800 kg

              Overall size

                              1200x1200x2000 mm