pulverizer - WCSJ-20 series

WCSJ-20 series universal rough pulverizer


Use & Features

The machine is applicable to some fields such as pharmacy, chemical, metallurgy, food, building industry, etc. It is able to crush the hard and firm materials such as rubber, plastic, copper wire and so on. It also can be used as former process supporting equipment for micro-particle pulverizer.
WCSJ-2O series universal rough pulverizer is designed and improved according to users' demand by integrating the advantages of similar products from home and abroad. This machine is made of carbon steel, is suitable for metallurgy and building industries.
WCSJ-20A type rough pulverizer is made of full stainless steel, is suitable for pharmacy, chemical and food industry, etc. WCSJ-2OB type rough pulverizer is added with a dustbin and material collecting box on the basis of 20A type machine, there is no dust nuisance during production. It improves the working condition and fully meets "GMP" standard. The machine has durable and compact structure, is convenient to operate and maintain, and it is stable in running and high in output. The machine is of vertical tilting type, it is made up of the base, motor, crushing chamber cover and feed hopper. The feed hopper and cover can be tilted for certain inclination, it is convenient for clearing the material stock from crushing chamber.


Principle of work

The materials enter into crushing chamber through feed hopper, cut and crushed by the spinning blade mounted on the motor shaft and the cutter fixed installed on the triangle base in crushing chamber, and automatically flow through the sieve to the outlet port under centrifugal force, then the rushing process is finished.


Technical Parameters


20 Type

20A Type

20B Type

Production capacity(kg/h)


Dim. of input granule(mm)


Dim. of output granule(mm)


Rotary speed of main shaft(r/min)


Power of crushing motor(kw)


Power of dust collection motor(KW)


Material of crushing chamber

Carbon steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel





Overall size (mm)



Main frame:900x650x1500
Dust collecting chamber:650x600x1300

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