SF-60B pulverizer

SF-60B cyclone pulse dust collecting grinding machine


Use & Features

The machine is consists of grinding machine, cyclone separator, high efficient air filter dust collector, platform and control casing etc.
The machine is suitable for grinding the dry and crisp materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff. It integrates grinding and dust collecting, and it is not suitable for grinding materials of low softening point and large viscosity.
The contacted parts are made of high quality stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, fully closed which is convenient for cleaning. The inside wall is smooth and bright which made the machine more meeting the GMP requirement in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical.


Technical Parameters



 Production Capacity

100-1500 kg/h

 Rotary Speed

2800 r/min

 Diameter of Feeding Granule

12 mm

 Mesh size

20-120 mesh

 Power of Grinding Motor

22 KW

Power of Dust Collecting Motor

5.5 KW

Power of Blower

0.37 KW

Air Compression



380V 50Hz

 Overall size (L x W x H)

6450x1200x2200 mm


1900 kg

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