NJP-600C, NJP-800C, Automatic hard capsule filling machine





This machine is an intermittent motion and hole plate type filling fully automatic capsule filling Equipment.
This machine adopts optimization design combined the characteristics of Chinese medicine and The requirement of GMP, It has the characteristics of compact mechanism, small volume, low noise, precision filling dosage, multifunction, running stably etc.
This machine can finish the following motion at the same time: capsule feeding, capsule separating, powder filling, capsule rejecting, capsule locking, finished capsule discharge and module cleaning etc.
This machine is the most ideal hard capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical and health food Industries.



- All parts contact with the medicine powder and capsule are made of high quality stainless steel.
- The main parts adopt international advanced products such as LKO bearings, OMRON and ATMEL electric components etc.
- The dosage can be adjusted easily and reliably.
- Easy to replacing the moulds.
- Adopts cambered surface can dividing structure, compact structure, low noise, circulates steady, maintenance convenience.


Technical Parameters




Production capacity

 36000 capsules/hour

    48000 capsules/hour

Applied capsule size

         00# - 5# and safety capsule A-E

Filling type

          Powder, granule, tablet


               5.05 KW

Power supply

           380/220V ,50/60HZ


          30 M3/H-0.02-0.05MPa

Dust absorption

           1000 M3/H2X105PA


                 < 75 dB

Net weight

                  800 kg

Overall size

          920x785x1900 mm

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