RJWJ-15 Soft gelatine capsule machine



This machine is the absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad, based on a combination of soft capsule production process and the characteristics of the use advanced technology and high quality materials. Meet the GMP requirements of well-designed.
This machine consist of soft capsule machine, sol pot, mould (die roller), capsule conveyor, tumbler dryer, cooling air machine, vacuum pump, drying tray, vacuum mixing barrel and electrical control system and other ancillary equipment.
This machine cans all kinds of drugs, food, cosmetics, oils and hydrophobic substances in the quantitative suspension or paste injection pressure and encapsulated in gelatin membrane, the formation of various sizes in sealing the soft capsules.
This machine is widely used in small scale production.



- Optimal design, compact structure, and small footprint.
- Meet the GMP standard.
- All using a touch screen PLC control, convenient operation, and stable performance.
- The entire device can be easily moved.
- The gelatin box adopts liquid sensor, control the quantity of the liquid gelatin automatically.
- The whole machine adopts newest temperature controlling system, so the temperature can be controlled precisely.


Technical Parameters

Mould (die roller)

103 x100 mm

Mould speed

0 - 5 r/m

Filling volume for a single plunger

0-1.5 ml or customization

Production capacity

30000 capsules/hour

Main motor power

0.75 KW

Machine power

5 KW

Power supply

AC, 380V/50HZ 1 phase or customization

Overall size

1680x600x1550 mm


550 kg

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