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    DCCY-2  Bag of inside and outside with label and thread automatic granule packing machine





    This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of seed, medicament, health products and tea etc industries, such as seed, healthy tea, traditional Chinese medicine and tea bags etc.
    Principle of work: First the raw materials are filled into the inside bag, then put the inside Bag in the outside bag by magic hand.
    Packing material: 1) inside bag - tea-leaf filtering paper or other heat seal materials. 2) outside bag- composite film like: PET/PE, Paper/PE and OPP/PE etc.



    - With PLC, touch key, step motor and sensor control, man-machine conversation Interface, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.
    - All the works of bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and carry finished product can be done automatically.
    - The inside bags with label and thread, the outside bags are composite film, keep away From moisture, retain freshness.
    - Through using the magic hand, raise the rate of finished products, reduce the size of outside bag, so that the sealing is very elegant appearance.


    Technical Parameters


    Cup type

    The range of packing weight

    1 - 15 g

    Sealing type

    3-side sealing

    Packing speed

    28 - 50 bags/min

    Bag size

    Inside bag-  Length: 50 - 75 mm  Width: 50 - 75 mm

    Outside bag- Length: 85 -120 mm  Width: 75-95 mm

    Label size

    25 x 25 mm

    Power supply

    AC,220V/50HZ 1 phase


    3.7 KW

    Overall size

    1050x700x1300 mm

    Net weight

    650 kg