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    Double side labeling machine

    KCTB-S  Double side/single side automatic labeling machine





    This machine is applied to label the self-adhesive label on various cylindrical bottles, flat bottles, Square bottles. Suitable for double side and single side labeling.
    This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, beverage, cosmetic and chemical etc Industries.



    - PLC control, touch screen operation interface, Simple and reliable.
    - Open frame design, easy to adjust and change the label.
    - Adjust speed through the transducer, anchor point is accurate.
    - Outside and main parts are made of stainless steel, no pollution, easily cleaning, meet the GMP standard.
    - Label count down (for precise run of set number of labels) to automatic shut off.
    - The code printer is optional; the letter is clearly and firmed.
    - Touch screen control system with job memory.
    - Full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable.
    - Adopts AUTONICS photoelectric system, the accuracy of identify label is very high. Stable and reliable.
    - The noise of single machine is less than 50 dB


    Technical Parameters

    Bottle size

    Diameter: 30-100 mm  height:60-350 mm

    The range of applied label

    Length: 0-150 mm   height:10-200 mm

    Power supply




    Labeling speed

    0-100 bottle/min

    The Max. outer diameter of reel

    300 mm

    The inside diameter of reel

    76 mm

    The labeling accuracy

    +/- 1.0 mm

    Working direction

    Left à right


    450 kg

    Overall size

    2400x1100x1450 mm