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    HWTB-400 High-speed labeling machine



    HWTB-400 is economical, self contained, easy to operate, equipped with auto teach programming touch screen.
    The machine adopts high speed labeling device and speed up to 400 bottles/min. Built in microchip storing different job setting makes fast and easy changeover.
    This automatic labeling system is ideal for slim cylindrical container such as ampoule.



    - Labeling speed up to 400 bottles/min
    - Touch screen control system ( MITSUBISHI ) with job memory
    - Simple straight forward operator controls
    - Full-set protecting device keep operation steady and reliable
    - On-screen Trouble Shooting & Help Menu
    - Stainless steel frame
    - Open frame design, easy to adjust and change the label
    - Variable speed with servo motor( MITSUBISHI )
    - Label count down (for precise run of set number of labels) to auto shut off
    - Stamping coding device attached


    Technical Parameters

    Labeling speed

    100-400 bottles/min (according to the specification, shape of bottle and length of label)

    Bottles size

    Can be customized based on the requirements

    Label size

    Length: 20mm - 90 mm     Width: 15mm - 80 mm


    1.5 KW


    AC, 220 V/50 HZ 1 phase or customized

    Working direction

    Left → Right (or Right → Left)

    Net weight

    600 kg

    Overall size

    1800x1500x1700 mm ( Length x Width x Height )